Keller has decades of experience in the ports and harbors market, offering the best geotechnical solutions for your project.

Sector challenges we can solve

Bringing structures within requirements
Bulkhead and coastal structure repairs
Improving backlands for added loads or new builds

Working on or near the water presents its own set of challenges. Generally, ports, waterways, and docks lie in areas with difficult subsurface conditions. The very nature of these facilities results in high demands for loading and duty cycles. These issues combine and result in many challenges for port and waterway owners and operators. We have worked in these facilities on the three coasts of North America, as well as the navigational rivers and locks of the interior United States. We have solutions for these challenges, from remediation of failed bulkheads to consolidating dredge spoils and constructing new port facilities.

Our remediation techniques for bulkheads, docks, and other coastal structures repair the foundations of these critical facilities and extend their service life. As seismic and other design standards change, our techniques can allow your structure to meet current standards. From our extensive experience in port facilities, we understand the importance of scheduling work to minimize disruption to ongoing port operations. Keller can manage schedule, budget, and safety with the needs of the port.

We take the security of our waterways seriously. Our crews obtain the Transportation Worker Identification Credential required for work on maritime sites to mobilize as soon as possible. Once on-site, our planning ensures we don’t interfere with your operations and that our construction materials do not stray into waterways.

Keller near shore marine solutions

Whether the challenge relates to bridges, jetties, ports or marinas we are confident that Keller has the capability to address the unique construction challenges for marine works.