Photo of Johann


Keller was established by Johann Keller in Renchen, Germany.

Historical photo of vibro cat


Invented the vibro ground improvement method.

Compensation grouting installation


  • Licensed jet grouting technology from Japan to Europe and North America.
  • Invented compensation grouting technique to correct building settlement


Acquired by GKN in the UK to form GKN Keller.

Hayward Baker jobsite


Acquired Hayward Baker. As North America’s leader in geotechnical solutions, Hayward Baker specialized in ground improvement, earth retention & shoring, liquefaction mitigation, foundation repair & underpinning, groundwater control, and deep foundations. 

Keller logo


Another name change came when principals of the Foundations Division of GKN Keller organized a managed buy-out and founded the Keller Group. 

LSE building


Listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Case jobsite


Acquired Case Foundation Company. Case Foundation was one of the industry’s most successful full-service deep foundation specialists in the US, specializing in drilled shafts, structural diaphragm walls, secant pile walls, and large-diameter CFA (auger cast) piles.

calendar artwork


The annual Keller (formerly Hayward Baker) calendar tradition was first introduced.

Suncoast logo


Acquired Suncoast Post-Tension. Founded in 1983, Suncoast Post-Tension is the largest supplier of fabricated unbonded post-tensioning materials and services in the US. 

McKinney jobsite


Acquired McKinney Drilling Company. McKinney Drilling was founded in 1937 and became the leading drilled shaft foundation company in North America, specializing in drilled shafts, CFA (auger cast) piles, driven piles, and low clearance work. 

Anderson jobsite


Acquired Anderson Drilling. Established in 1945, Anderson Drilling was a leader in the drilled shaft industry, focusing on the construction of deep foundation elements and earth retention systems. 

HJ jobsite aerial


Acquired HJ Foundation. HJ Foundation was established in 1988 and was the leading deep foundation contractor, specializing in augered piling, displacement piling, shoring, sheet piling, and tremie seals. 

Wick drains jobsite


Acquired Nilex Construction. Nilex Construction was the US Leader in wick drains and earthquake drains. They focused on manufacturing and installing vertical drains for the purpose of accelerating the consolidation of saturated soils.

Cyntech logo


Acquired Cyntech as part of the acquisition of North American Caisson Ltd. (a division of North American Construction Group – NACG).

Geo-Foundations jobsite


Acquired Geo-Foundations Contractors Inc (Canada). Established in 2001, Geo-Foundations Contractors specialized in ground improvement, foundation support, ground treatment, and earth retention. 

Bencor jobsite aerial


Acquired Bencor. Bencor was established in 1969 and constructed large civil projects featuring techniques such as slurry diaphragm and cut-off walls, drilled shafts and caissons, underpinning, and deep foundations.

Earthquake drains rig


Acquired Ellington Cross. Ellington Cross was a regional geotechnical contractor that provided Earthquake Drain design and installation.

GEO logo


Acquired GEO-Instruments. GEO-Instruments provides geotechnical, structural, and environmental monitoring services. Their expertise helps owners, infrastructure operators, and construction engineers mitigate risk, optimize designs, and document regulatory compliance.

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Moretrench logo


Acquired Moretrench. Started in 1918 by Thomas Moore, Moretrench specialized in dewatering and groundwater control, ground freezing, earth retention and anchors, deep foundations, underpinning, grouting and ground improvement, environmental remediation, and industrial construction. 

It continues business today as Moretrench Industrial, providing a range of services to support industrial construction projects.

Becoming Keller square


Foundation businesses (Bencor, Case Atlantic, Case Foundation, Hayward Baker, HJ Foundation, Keller Canada, McKinney Drilling, and Moretrench) in North America were integrated together and rebranded to Keller.

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RECON logo


Acquired RECON. RECON was founded in 1989 and is a national leader in environmental remediation services, including soil remediation, soil stabilization and solidification, landfill cap and cell construction, permeable reactive barriers, deep soil mixing, biopolymer trenches, slurry walls, and demolition of hazardous waste sites.

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Keller acquires Voges


Acquired Voges Drilling. Based in New Braunfels, TX, Voges established itself as a strong drilled shaft contractor in the Austin and San Antonio areas. 

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Subterranean jobsite


Acquired Subterranean. Subterranean, based out of Manitoba, specialized in driven and cast-in-place pile foundations.

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GKM logo


Acquired GKM Consultants. Since 2007, GKM Consultants has been known internationally for its expertise in designing, installing, and implementing geotechnical monitoring solutions. 

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