Subsidence, the gradual downward movement of a building or structure, can damage buildings. Keller can apply releveling techniques to bring buildings back to their correct levels, strengthen any weak ground under and around the foundations, and avoid recurring sinking issues.

Releveling structures solution image

Common Uses

  • Improve weak underlying soils
  • Raise settled foundations or slabs
  • Treat expansive or collapsible soils

Foundations can experience settlement from compressible underlying soils or lateral movements from adjacent excavations, requiring various foundation rehabilitation approaches to stop or correct the movement. As foundation specialists, we have experience with the full range of rehabilitation techniques to provide effective foundation rehabilitation.

A foundation might be underlain by compressible soils or debris that consolidate or decompose over time. Competent soils may be weakened as they travel into compromised underground utilities underlying a foundation. In karstic regions, sinkholes can cause a building to settle as the soils ravel into a void in the underlying bedrock. Stabilizing the underlying soil can often provide the required foundation support.