Bearing capacity / settlement control solution image
Bearing capacity / settlement control

Treating soils to support buildings or withstand loads.

Excavation support solution image
Excavation support

Enabling stable excavation and preventing movement and damage to structures and utilities.  

Heavy foundations solution image
Heavy foundations

Installing structural elements in weak soils to transfer loads.

Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring equipment
Instrumentation and monitoring

Monitoring structural or ground movement or environmental properties.

Liquefaction mitigation solution image
Liquefaction mitigation

In seismically active areas, improving loose, granular soils below the water table to protect from damage.

Releveling structures solution image
Releveling structures

Bringing buildings back to their correct level and strengthening the ground under foundations.

Seepage control solution image
Seepage control

Controlling or preventing water seepage.

Slope stabilization solution family image
Slope stabilization

Retaining soil in slopes and excavations.

Underpinning solution image

Providing additional support to existing foundations that are unable to safely support existing or future loads.