Meet our leadership team that is responsible for keeping us at the forefront of the industry year after year.

Headshot of Banna

Banna Aparicio

Human Resources Director

Headshot of Tanner

Tanner Blackburn, Ph.D., P.E.

Vice President Engineering

Headshot of Brent

Brent Byford, P.E.

Vice President Operations

Headshot of Kyle

Kyle Camper, P.E.

Senior Vice President

Headshot of John

John Carpenter

President of Moretrench Industrial

Headshot of Curtis

Curtis Cook, P.Eng.

Executive Vice President

Headshot of Bill

William Endo

Vice President HR and Strategy

Headshot of Frank

Frank Fonseca

Senior Vice President

Headshot of Steve

Steve Hope

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Jim

James Hussin, P.E.

Business Development Director

Headshot of Scott

Scott Nichols

Senior Vice President

Headshot of David

David Peitsch, P.E.

Chief Legal Officer

Headshot of John

John Raine

HSEQ Director

Headshot of Marisa

Marisa Schleter

Marketing and Communications Director

Headshot of Brian

Brian Seymour

Chief Information Officer

Headshot of Mike

Mike Taylorson

Learning and Development Director

Headshot of Tom

Thomas Tuozzolo, P.E.

Senior Vice President