Keller understands the issues owners and operators face as they maintain the safety of dams and the communities they serve.

Sector challenges we can solve

Seepage control and cutoff
Seismic remediation and mitigation
Sinkhole stabilization
Foundation improvement
Overturning and slide

Keller provides a complete range of ground improvement and other geotechnical services for planned and existing dams. From grouting for seepage control to vibro for the seismic remediation of dam sites to the installation of cutoff walls, Keller has delivered on hundreds of dam projects. We are committed to providing the best solution that satisfies the technical requirements of your project at a competitive price. Our nationwide network of offices and full-service equipment yards means fast mobilization and reduced start-up costs.

Quality control has always been a key aspect of our work. Computerized data acquisition and remote control for grouting were first used during the construction of Ridgeway Dam in Montrose, CO, in 1980. Keller performed curtain and blanket consolidation grouting for the dam's floor and core trench foundation preparation. To this day, we continue to implement the most advanced quality control methods for all our techniques. We use state-of-the-art data acquisition equipment for precise verification when accuracy is vital to the efficacy of the geotechnical construction program.

Whether your situation is typical or unique, Keller has the experience and innovation to assist engineers, contractors, and owners in identifying and implementing the best solution.

Keller dam solutions

Keller understands issues faced by owners and operators as they maintain the safety of dams and the communities they serve. We provide the complete range of geotechnical solutions for planned and existing dams.