At Keller, we are committed to better understand our contribution to sustainable development and to work collaboratively with our customers and stakeholders to reduce potential impacts.

Our sustainability brochure

What sustainability means to us

We define sustainability at Keller using four Ps:

Our sustainability commitments

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to address the world’s biggest challenges and provide a universal language for sustainability. They also provide a helpful framework to understand how different projects and activities we do in Keller contribute. We believe we can have the greatest impact on the following eight goals that are most closely aligned to our core business.

Our leadership role

Every day, people around the world live and work on the ground prepared by Keller. As leaders in the ground improvement industry, we know that we can reduce the embodied carbon in foundations through innovative design and innovative products. We also know that we need to build up a more diverse workforce by connecting with educational institutions and hiring more types of people for the job. Lastly, with a focus on health and safety, including mental health, we feel we are supporting our local communities by providing well-paying, safe jobs. By focusing on these areas, we are adding Sustainability to the ways in which we can lead the industry.

Sustainability solutions

The best solutions

Used alone or in combination, our techniques solve a wide range of challenges across the entire construction sector – from industrial, commercial, and housing projects to infrastructure construction for dams, tunnels, transportation, and water treatment, as well as projects to address environmental challenges. Our global knowledge base allows us to tap into a wealth of experience, and the brightest minds in the industry, to find the optimum solution. With our wide array of product offerings and our vast global experience, we are confident we can also find the lowest impact option for the job.

Decent work and economic growth icon

Local communities

Global strength and local focus are what make us unique. Our knowledge of local markets and ground conditions means we’re ideally placed to understand and respond to a particular local engineering challenge. Additionally, this positions us to work with local vendors and local laborers to support the communities in which we work.

Good health and well-being icon

Proven track record on health and safety

We believe no one should be harmed as a result of any work we do and our ultimate goal is zero harm. We have a proven track record of one of the lowest accident frequency rates in our industry, and the commitment of leaders and employees to ‘Think safe, work safe and go home safe’ has earned us awards and recognition from industry bodies as well as our clients.

We believe that the general well-being of our employees can be enhanced by working in an inclusive environment. We are striving to make our company more inclusive and to increase the sense of belonging across all types of people.

Building learning icon

Building learning across the geotechnical community

We are proud of the leadership role we take in the geotechnical industry on developing and sharing knowledge and advancing industry-wide approaches. Many of our team play key roles in professional associations and industry activities around the world, contributing to industry-wide specifications, guidelines, and codes.

Our local companies share knowledge with employees, peers, customers, and suppliers on an ongoing basis via a mix of technical papers, seminars, and field visits. Working in this way not only advances our industry but also creates great opportunities for our people to be recognized and rewarded individually for their contributions.

Educational partnerships icon

Educational partnerships

Staff from companies throughout the group maintain close contact with partner universities to share best practices and provide examples of their leading-edge engineering. This also provides a space for Keller to work with women and minority organizations in a university setting to help us recruit a more diverse workforce.

Keller North America is an industry partner of major research groups at leading universities, including:

  • Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics – Arizona State University, UC-Davis, Georgia Tech, New Mexico State
  • Center for Geotechnical Practice and Research – Virginia Tech
  • Rebar Cage Engineering Research Group – University of Nevada, Reno
  • Coal Ash & Liquid Management – University of North Carolina, Charlotte