Weak, compressible soils may require structural elements, specifically deep foundations (also known as heavy foundations), that transfer loads to underlying competent soils or rock. Whether an open site or inside an existing structure, Keller can provide the optimal deep foundation solution.

Deep foundations solution illustration

Common Uses

  • Support new or existing structures
  • Support compressive, tensile, or lateral loads
  • Support static and seismic loads

Deep foundations generally are connected to the structure and can be installed prior to building construction or as underpinning elements for existing structures. They can be driven elements comprised of timber, steel, or concrete, or constructed in the ground by drilling a cased or open hole and filling it with reinforced concrete. The load can be transferred to the bearing stratum through end bearing and/or side friction. Grouting techniques can be used to construct or enhance the load transfer element.

Having experience with the full range of deep foundation techniques, we are able to provide the most cost-efficient and technically appropriate solution.