Ken Chadwick receives a prestigious engineering award from the Professional Engineers in Construction of New Jersey (PECNJ).

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With over 40 years of experience in engineering, Ken began his career as a structural engineer and estimator until joining Hayward Baker (now Keller) in 1994 as a project manager. In 2002, Ken transitioned to Moretrench (now Keller) as Chief Engineer, working under the leadership of Tom Tuozzolo for Moretrench’s foundations group. Ken entered his current role as Vice President, Estimating for Keller’s New Jersey office when Moretrench joined Keller. Ken is a registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey and a member of The Moles organization.

Most recently, Ken received the 2024 Construction Engineer of the Year award from the PECNJ. This award is presented annually to a construction engineer who has provided incredible value to the construction engineering industry in New Jersey. 

The award was presented during the 48th Annual Bonhag Awards Dinner on May 3, 2024.

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