Keller announces Andres M. Baquerizo as the recipient of the 2019 ASCE Roebling Award.

ASCE Roebling Award

Andres M. Baquerizo, P.E., MSE. is the recipient of the 2019 Roebling Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers. The award was presented at the 2019 ASCE Annual Convention in Miami, FL on October 13, 2019.

Andres began his career in Bogota, Colombia in the 1990s, working at his family’s consulting and construction company. He joined Keller in 2002 as an assistant project manager for HJ Foundation and began to work his way up in the company. In 2011, he became vice president for HJ Foundation and received the 2011 ASCE Miami Engineer of the Year Award. Four years later, he was appointed as the leader of the Global Product Team for continuous flight auger piles at Keller.

Upon winning this award, Andres expressed “It’s amazing to be recognized by your peers for all the hard work over the years...I also receive this as a team award. In construction, we build on each other’s ideas and it takes a team to implement them.” Andres also credits his professional mentors and his wife.

Commenting on the award announcement, Frank Fonseca, Senior Vice President stated, “Working with Andres for the last two decades, it is no surprise he won this award. We are very proud of his dedication and accomplishments at Keller.”

About ACSE and the Roebling Award

The American Society of Civil Engineers was established in 1852, serving as the oldest national engineering society with over 40,000 members. The mission of the organization is to “provide essential value to ASCE members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve the public good.” The Roebling Award was instituted in 1987 by the American Society of Civil Engineers Board of Direction. The award was named after and established due to the engineering efforts of John A. Roebling, Washington Roebling, and Emily Roebling.

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