We believe in growing cities that allow a life-work balance developing and building culture, sports, and entertainment venues. We contribute by providing innovative and cost-effective foundation solutions to these projects.

Sector challenges we can solve

Foundation support by deep foundations or deep ground improvement
Dynamic loading
Mitigation of seismic or sinkhole risk
Water controlled excavation support
Underpinning and foundation restoration and strengthening

Keller has designed geotechnical solutions for new and existing stadiums, arenas, museums, theaters, concert halls, theme parks, casinos, and other sports and entertainment facilities.

We provide a complete range of geotechnical construction techniques for these and other needs. We have licensed engineers on staff to provide a lump sum design/build engineered solution package to your project, uncommon in our industry, minimizing risk to the owner, general contractor, and project.

From improving the soils for shallow foundations or deep foundations to reduce settlements, zero lot line temporary or permanent earth retaining solutions like sheet piling or soil mixing, secant walls that provide earth retention and vertical support simultaneously, micropiles and jet grouting for underpinning adjacent and/or existing structures, we can provide a well-designed plan that will maximize your build-able footprint within a cost-effective schedule-driven solution.

We are custom to design and perform our work at operational facilities, reducing the impact on the customer experience. We can also provide real-time monitoring during the construction of the building. This reduces concerns by providing real-time measurements of movement and/or vibration resulting from the construction activities. In addition, if the situation dictates, we can perform our work in restricted access spaces.

Keller stadium and arena solutions

Keller provides solutions for culture, sports and entertainment venues, maximizing your buildable footprint within a cost effective, schedule-driven solution.