Keller provided earth retention for a new building and completed the project in eight weeks with zero lost-time incidents.

96th Avenue

The project

Weststone Developments was constructing a new apartment building with 2 levels of below-grade parking. The soil conditions present were not conducive to traditional shotcrete shoring methods so Keller was called in to design a wall system to suit the job.

The challenge

The main challenge was installing piles and keeping them vertical, as the pile overlap was a mere 100mm. Keller had already selected Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) as the installation method and had secured the project based on an optimized schedule than traditional cast-in-place pile installation.

The solution

A scalloped, cast-in-place guide wall was constructed to lock the piles together at the top of the wall. A deviation sensor was installed to measure the pile verticality. If there were any deviations above the specified 1% they were reconstructed to ensure the interlock was guaranteed across the depth of the proposed excavation. The secant pile system was made up of 400 no. piles at 600mm diameter.

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Main contractor(s)

Vancouver Shotcrete & Shoring Ltd.