KWIC's mission is to promote the career development, recruitment, and retention of women by encouraging professional growth, fostering a supportive environment, sponsoring educational programs, and increasing the number of women in leadership positions at Keller.

Our initiatives

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Promote professional development internally and industry‐wide

KWIC identifies, promotes, and makes professional development opportunities available to women employees at Keller. KWIC encourages and supports women to participate and present at industry‐specific networking events, technical lectures, and conferences.

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Create an internal women’s network and enhance corporate culture

KWIC sponsors networking events that allow women to share experiences and create opportunities to support each other’s goals and identify ways to overcome common challenges. KWIC has begun building a mentoring program to provide women employees a trusted advisor they can express their career‐related concerns and aspirations.

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Increase recruitment and retention of women employees

KWIC works closely with Keller’s HR Department to administer group surveys, conduct interviews, and identify reoccurring concerns raised by women who are current, past, or potential employees. KWIC uses the results to identify trends to share with senior leadership along with recommendations.

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Engage local community through outreach efforts

KWIC strives to establish a strong connection with the community through local outreach. Activities include fundraisers, food drives, and public speaking events at educational facilities.

The KWIC Steering Committee

9 headshots of women

Our KWIC Steering Committee is made up of 9 amazing women from roles across our company.

From L-R: Meredith Long, Spring Borchardt, Chelsea Riddle, Valerie Merida, Kelly Fleming, Emily Porter, Amanda Selby, Jo'Anthion Harris, and Karin Stewart-Harmin.