May 16, 2024

Join Keller and the Geo-Institute for a 5-part series on sustainability in geotechnical engineering this spring and summer! Part 2 is coming May 16 and features Stacy Smedley of Building Transparency.

Stacy's talk is titled "Introducing Building Transparency & Its Suite of Open-Access Tools and Programs." Building Transparency, a nonprofit, aims to reduce the building sector's significant contribution (40%) to global greenhouse gas emissions by providing open-access data and tools. Executive director Stacy Smedley will discuss the nonprofit's solutions, including the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3), which helps industry professionals set carbon reduction targets, choose low-carbon materials, and mitigate climate impact. 

Headshot of Stacy

Stacy Smedley is the Executive Director of the nonprofit Building Transparency, where she inspires broad and swift climate action across the building design and construction industry, facilitating the reduction of embodied carbon through open access to sustainability data and tools. 

With 20 years of experience supporting sustainability efforts across the built environment space, Stacy leads the Building Transparency team in managing the continued development and implementation of the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) and tallyLCA. She also facilitates high-level industry collaboration through the nonprofit’s programs like materialsCAN, ownersCAN, and contractorsCAN, which unite leaders to boost awareness of embodied carbon, support carbon-related policies, and advocate for action to decarbonize the building sector.

Stacy is also a leader in climate policy advocacy, partnering with local, state, federal, and global policymakers to inform and support low-carbon procurement and buy clean policies. She serves on the GSA’s Acquisition Policy Federal Advisory Committee and as an Industry Advisory Group Member for the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations, governed under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. 

Driven by her passions for sustainability and architecture, Stacy is an active contributor to the building community on a global scale. She frequently shares her expertise with peers, colleagues, and policymakers, whether delivering a keynote address, leading a webinar on embodied carbon, or posting insights and sharing educational content with her 14,000+ followers on LinkedIn.