Colorado School of Mines - Golden, Colorado
Aug 1 - Aug 4, 2022

Grouting and Ground Improvement is a 4-day course that covers engineering, equipment, materials, and methods for grouting and ground modification used in civil and geotechnical engineering, underground construction, tunneling, and mining projects of various types. This course is designed to take you to the next level, giving you hands-on experience with a full spectrum of grouting and ground improvement technologies and topics.

The course consists of classroom presentations by internationally-recognized experts and hands-on laboratory demonstrations and testing of grouts and grouting methods as well as off-campus field demos. 

This course is intended for industry professionals — owners, designers, contractors, consultants, and suppliers involved in the design, planning, and construction of underground, tunneling, and mining projects.

Our presentations

Monday, August 1

Overview of Grouting Methods - Dennis Boehm

Permeation Grouting Case Histories/Applications (soil and rock) - Tim Myers

Ground Freezing 101 - Joseph Sopko

Ground Freezing Case Histories/Applications - Joseph Sopko

Tuesday. August 2

Jet Grouting - products - Dennis Boehm

Compensation Grouting Theory - Dennis Boehm

Compaction Grouting Case Histories/Applications - Nick Aro and Joe Harris

Cellular (Foam) Grout Use and Application - Phillip Gallet and Rich Palladino (Aerix Industries)

Wednesday, August 3

Overview of Ground Improvement for Groundwater Control - Paul Schmall

Induced consolidation with Wick Drains - Josh Kolz

Thursday, August 4

Overview of Soil Mixing - Theory - Brian Freilich

Carbon Reduction for Deep Soil MIxing - Kimberly Martin and John Allen (Master Builders Solutions US)