Keith Segear

Keith Segear is the HR Director for Keller in North America.

Keith holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Business Option and a master’s degree in Human Resources and Employee Relations, both from Pennsylvania State University. He has over 20 years of experience as a senior human resources executive. Prior to working at Keller, Keith held several roles including Global Director of HR at Pettibone and Manager of Employee Relations at U.S. Gypsum Corporation.

Keith began his career with Keller in 2016 as the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer for North America and entered his current new role in the fall of 2019. Most recently, Keith worked with his team to integrate the HR function into one uniformed organization during the transition to Keller. Keith ensures we are compliant with the various labor laws from a federal and state level. He also oversees the development of both the HR function and the organization through our training and development team. He also oversees the human capital for the organization and makes sure that it is tied to our business strategy.